Q: excl. prob on 2006 Volvo S40

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Got a tune up on fri now car will not go when gas peddle is pushed, but it will idel. Is there a difference between a t5 tune up and a plain s40.... could it be the pump electronic module?
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There is not difference between the T5 or other S40 tune ups. This needs to go back to the shop that performed the repair and as a courtesy check this out, this is how a professional shop would handle this situation.
Let me know if they don't handle this promptly and professionally and we will get you in touch with someone who will.
Good Luck
Thank you. I found out my car has "extended warranty" probs. doing my own research. pcv & pem. Both covered. What a relief..... Thank you tho.
Idle the car for about fifteen minutes and check to see if the catalytic converter is red hot. If it is then check the spark on each one of the ignition coils.

If the catalytic converter doesn't get red hot, make sure that the mechanic connected the vacuum line at the bottom right of the intake manifold. Just behind the throttle body.