Q: Excessive fuel usage on 1999 Kia Sportage

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My 1999 Kia uses a lot of fuel. We average about 15 MPG. Fuel filter and pump already changed. Any other ideas on what to do to save on gasoline.
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Do yo have any check engine lights on? If so, that will really hurt your fuel economy. I would check your oxygen sensor as well and if it is old, that can hurt fuel economy. How long since your last tune up with new plugs and new air filter? All of the above will hurt gas mileage. Is your Kia 4wd? That will consume more fuel as well, whenever you can, keep it in 2 wheel drive.
it is 2WD and the check engine light is on. we just bought it and it has only 111K miles on it and runs pretty good except for the gasoline gulping. We put an average of $100 per week in the tank.