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Q: Excessive blue smoke at start up on 2000 Lexus RX300

After sitting idle for a few hours (or even sooner then that sometimes), my 2000 Lexus RX300 puts out bluish white smoke from the exhaust. The vehicle also burns up a lot of oil as well. The amount depends on how long and hard it is driving, usually eats put a quart or two after driving 2 hrs on the highway.

Taken it to several shops and been told the engine is very sludged up. But never given an exct cause to either problem.
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Those engines really need frequent oil changes (every 3000 miles). The valve stem oil seals and or piston rings are worn. The engine requires dismantling to fix this issue. A cylinder leakage test would be a valid test but the engine is going to need work regardless of the out come of that test.
no that test would be inconclusive,a leak down only tests the compression rings and valves its the oil rings packed w/ carbon that creates oil consumption on start up only
its the oil rings,the bottom set of piston rings, the ones that bring oil up the cylinder walls
(for lubrication) then on the way down they 'wipes the oil away so it does not burn on the combustion stroke . but the reason they do not work for 30 sec or so is the trick. its major carbon build up that prevents the ring from expanding while the cylinder walls and pistons are cold.valve stem seals and /or worn guides ? ha! poppycock.its just a wivestale
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