Q: Every other gear works except reverse.Transmission going out? on 1995 GMC Jimmy

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As previously stated,recently purchased,less than 50k mileage-about 2 weeks ago it doesn't want to go into reverse at all.I'm using the "bump and roll" technique whenever I can or just avoiding circumstances where I'd need to use reverse altogether.
Definitely needs mechanic attention,transmission fluid level sufficient.Do I need to see one that specializes in transmissions or can I just take it to any shop?
(2) Answers
I have the same exact problem with my 95 GMC jimmy Automatic 2WD V6 4.3 VORTEC, won't go into reverse at all and when driving it seems to skip shifts (or gears), and I still haven't taken it into a shop yet but I went online with a mechanic that "claims" to specialize in GMC Transmissions and he told me it sounded as if it was the torque converter or torque converter solenoid. I will let ya know tomorrow once I find out exactly what is wrong with mine. I've got a tow truck scheduled to pick it up around 2pm today to take it to get a Automatic transmission Diagnosis, to let me know if I can afford to fix it or junk it!