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Q: Ever heard of isolated bearing faliure? on 1995 Toyota Celica

I have a celica, which up until now was in perfect condition I let firestone change my oil. Only they forgot to tighten the oil plug. I drove 400 miles b4 I realized it. Car was acting weird. I returned to the shop, they added oil and tightend the plug. I left the shop by the time I got home the car had a knock sound but it stopped later. About 4000 miles later threw a rod due to "isolated bearing failiure". I am wondering if 1 piston can shatter or do all have to break?
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Do you have docmentation or repair order that you took it back for them to tighten oil plug right after the oil service. If you have something in wighting it might help you. Many Firestone stores are owned by Firestone and you may try contacting corp. office to tell your side of story.
I have already taken that avenue. Dead end street. They hired a so called independent inspector and his finding was an "isolated bearing failiure" I looked it up on the internet. I couldnt find anything
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Do you have any proof that the oil pan plug was left loose? Thats just a cover their posterier statement. If you have no proof its not much you can do. Complain to BBB or local Attorney General/Consumer office but it might not be much else you can do. I cannot give legal advise but It sounds like if it truely ran out of oil it certaintaly would be the first thing to fail afterwards is a rod or main bearing. Sorry for you misfortune. We all can make mistakes and that can not always be helped.
the only proof i have is the tech who replaced it the manager and the sales clerk who apologized a hundred times. The inspector claims that only one piston failed. He calls it "isolated bearing failure" I looked it up cant find anything. The inspector says that he would expect all piston to break not just one. I will probably be taking them to court in the near future
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Do you know what #cylinder failed? I would be interested to know. I speculate it would be the last one that gets oil flow thus it would be the first one to fail. Also how many miles was on the odometer? How often did you have oil service done? Do you keep your service records?
the car has 290,000 miles I changed the oil every month. The no. 1 rod bearing was a material failure caused by metal fatigue and it caused the spontanious secondary damage to the no.1 connecting rod and crankshaft. Continued operation after the primary failure of the no.1 rod bearing caused the no.1 connecting rod to break compromised the engine cylinder block. No sludge or debris was found the oil pan. Inspector stated I took exellent care of this engine. Engine blew after 1,995 miles from when firestone change my oil
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I do not buy into that explanation they gave you. Lack of lubrication is the probable cause of the bearing failure. I admit the mileage on the engine could have caused enough wear for a bearing failure but I doubt it. That inspector was hired by Firestone and you could have another expert inspect it if the car is availble for another inspection.
I am awaiting the inspection from toyota. The firestone inspector is stating that he would expect all the pistons to fail. Not just one. Lack of oil will compromise all pistons.
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He is stateing a good case for you in the part that engine is clean and has been well maintained...You said the oil pan plug was it lost oil over several days and did not lose oil all of a sudden. It wore the bearing like a chain breaks a the weakest link.
march 6 oil was chg by firestone. I drove 400 miles . The next morning I noticed oil on the floor of the garage. I immediately returned to the shop. They put the car on the lift. The tech said oh no he forgot to tighten the oil plug. He said engine would be fine. 2 weeks later I had them replace my clutch entirely along with master, clutch slave, all seals including the rear main and a new flywheel. When I picked up my car. The tech said I was leaking oil but could not determine where it was coming from. 1,995 miles later the car threw a rod+(
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I cannot say for sure why the engine failed and if the loose oil pan plug only allowed a quart or so of oil leak out I think that could have had no ill effect on engine. The question of how much oil had leaked out is unknown except by the tech. that added oil to engine. The high mileage certaintly can cause a engine to use oil and you not be aware and it could have ran low that way and caused a bearing failure. You may not ever know for sure on this one. If it had been low enought when the pan plug was loose to do damage , I don't think it would gone as long as it did to fail. I can see the other side of the argument so to say.
I would like to replace the engine. My car is in perfect condition. I think it would be worth it to fix. Any Idea on how much for a reman engine and crank shaft would run. 2.2 ltr with 5sp manual (california)
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We have used Jasper remanufactured engines in the past but it appears that they no longer do your engine. It may pose a issue getting a replacement if it has Ca. emissions. Typically a replacement engine is about $4000.00 and up.
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No that's installed with labor and other incedentals...its an average only. If firestone agreed to pay they would likey want to find a salvage replacement due to age and mileage. A used engine will less cost.
Firestone is not trying to take responsibility for this. I would not even try to replace the engine with a used one. If you saw the condition of this car u would understand. I love my car like "a fat kid loves cake". L.O.L.
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I understand. Get me the 17 digit ID #. I will check with toyota to see if they offer a new replacement engine.
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Its going to cost a bunch. Toyota says that they can only supply a "short" block. It will cost over $3000 for that part plus it still has all the labor cost and the cylinder head will reqire reworking since that needs to be reused from your engine. I hate to say it but I see this job going over $5000. Probaly going to exceed book value of whole car. I hate to be bearer of this news since you love the car so much. Bummer.
I spoke with a place called "barnetts remanafactured engines". They quoted me $1995 plus 209.00 for the crank shaft and bearings. The engine includes a block, the heads, new oil pump and timing belt. I believe they r located in virginia also. Just dont have any info about this company. didnt find any bad reviews. They also offer 5 years with unlimited milage warranty. and I thank you for your time and efforts=)
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I had not heard of them...I did a BBB search in their area and the have a good rateing A+. Had 3 closed complaints. Thats not bad for what they do. I hope things work out for you.
Thank you so much for all your time and effort. You have provided me with some very helpful infomation. My car will be back on the road. But it will take some time=)
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