Q: EVAP system on 2006 Scion xA

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My check engine light came on and i plugged in the computer and it told me my evap system is screwed up all over (a bunch of valves, pressure, etc.). I bottomed out my car on an icy road one day. 1st, would the evap system me messed up from the bottoming out and 2nd, how much would it cost to get a new fuel line/evap parts put on
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A lot of the evap system components are under the rear of the car and could easily be damaged by bottoming out your car. With the components being under the car they are susceptible to being exposed to water and road salt as well during the winter. Their is a Scion bulletin regarding water entering the evap pump module resulting in a series of evap codes being set. Ask your dealer about TSB EG047-06
There are likely hoses that are routed underneath your vehicle that go from the fuel tank up to the front of the car, these are part of the evap system. You may have damaged these hoses. You may be able to repair the hoses or have them replaced, sorry but I don't know the cost.
I just wen tthrough this. On my car it was a bad charcoal canister. It gave 9 codes on the diagnostic and took a lot of research to figure out what the problem was. Good luck to you
you most probably dredge the evap system parts under the chassis like the vent valve, charcoal canisters, hoses, and/or sensors and wirings...get the trouble code and have it defined whats wrong with it.