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Wheel Bearing Repack
The average cost for a Wheel Bearing Service is between $158 and $198. Labor costs are estimated between $140 and $178 while parts are priced between $18 and $20. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.
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Wheel Bearing Repack

What is a wheel bearing service?

Wheel bearings are mounted on the wheel hub, on the spindle, or inside the rear axle housing, and allow the wheels to rotate smoothly, even under extreme weight.

How does the wheel bearing service work?

Wheel bearings are made of high strength steel, and support the weight of the vehicle, while allowing it to roll freely. They are pressed onto the hub or into a rear axle housing. On many older vehicles, the front wheel bearings will be placed into the front rotor, and tightened with a spindle nut. If an axle is used to drive a wheel, the axle will sit inside the bearing, allowing the axle to rotate the wheel.

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What are the symptoms related to a bad wheel bearing?

If the wheel bearing has failed, the bearing will make a grinding or chirping noise while driving. For straight axle vehicles, this may also be accompanied by a leaky rear wheel seal pouring gear oil onto the brakes and ground. The vehicle may begin to feel unstable at all speeds, especially when turning. When the wheel bearing and hub is located on a non-driven wheel, the grinding noise and instability will be the same as a driven wheel.

Can I drive with a wheel bearing service problem?

Driving with a failed wheel bearing is dangerous. Aside from the vehicle feeling unstable, the wheel may come off when the bearing completely disintegrates. If mechanical grinding is heard from the wheel bearing, the vehicle should be taken out of service to prevent further damage and unsafe driving conditions.

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How often do wheel bearing services need to be replaced?

Only some bearings are serviceable, and all others will be sealed hub and bearing assemblies, typical of modern sedans, SUVs, coupes, and minivans. For straight axle vehicles, the bearings do not require service unless the bearing failure has occurred. All serviceable bearings are inspected, cleaned, packed with grease, and re-installed at each brake service, since the brake rotor will house the tapered roller bearings. Normally, serviceable bearings can last two to three brake changes before being replaced.

How are wheel bearing service issues diagnosed?

If the vehicle has a sense of instability, and the wheel bearings are found to be lose, they will be removed, cleaned, and inspected for damage. The brake rotor will be inspected for wear of the outer bearing race as well. If no damage is found, a bearing service will be recommended.

Wheel Bearing Service Cost Estimates

The average cost for a Wheel Bearing Service is between $158 and $198 but can vary from car to car.

How is a wheel bearing service replaced?

During a bearing service, the wheel, brake caliper, and brake caliper bracket are unbolted, and removed to gain access to the brake rotor and wheel bearings. Then, the spindle nut is removed, and the bearings will come off with the rotor. The bearings will be cleaned, inspected for wear, and repacked with fresh bearing grease before replacing them onto the vehicle. Finally, the spindle nut will be tightened to specifications, and the wheel nuts will be torqued once the wheel is installed on the vehicle.

RepairPal Recommendations for wheel bearing service issues

For serviceable bearings, we recommend checking for free play in the wheel at each oil change. This only takes moments, but can save the cost of replacing wheel bearings, spindles, and brake rotors due to lack of maintenance.

What to look out for when dealing with wheel bearing service issues

The term “serviceable” means that the tapered roller bearings are unsealed, and must be serviced by a technician periodically to ensure longevity. Sealed bearings tend to last longer than tapered roller bearings, and are maintenance free.

Can I replace the wheel bearing service myself?

Wheel bearing servicing is an easy DIY project for the novice DIYer to handle. The only caveat to that is the individual must understand how to properly preload the wheel bearings. This is essential in preserving the good condition of a wheel bearing, and preventing the wheel from dragging, causing excess friction and heat.

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