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Throttle Body Cleaning Cost

The average cost for a Throttle Body Service is between $226 and $290. Labor costs are estimated between $220 and $278 while parts are priced between $6 and $12. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

How Much Does a Throttle Body Service Cost?

Throttle Body Service Service and Cost

What is a throttle body?

The vehicle's throttle body has changed roles as fuel injection has taken over in the last 20 years. Older throttle bodies are responsible for introducing fuel and air to the engine, but newer throttle bodies only control the rate of airflow that moves into the engine.

How does the throttle body work?

So understand what a throttle body does, thing about what would happen if you placed your hand over the end of a vacuum cleaner hose. Since an engine is really a big air pump, the throttle body is under constant vacuum pressure, just like the vacuum cleaner hose. When you place your hand over the end of the hose, the vacuum cleaner does not run as fast because it cannot get air through the hose, and that is the purpose of the throttle body, limit the amount of air the vehicle can intake according to power demands. The throttle position sensor allows the computer to make calculations, and introduce the correct amount of fuel to be injected for the amount of air the throttle body allows into the engine. Also, the amount of air being let into the engine can be compared to the amount of air that is actually in the engine for diagnostic purposes.

What are the symptoms related to a throttle body that needs servicing?

Dirty throttle bodies can cause two main issues, idle air valve clogging, and restricted airflow to the engine. Either condition caused by a dirty throttle body will set the check engine light, and on-board diagnostics codes will refer to the mass airflow sensor, the fuel/air ratio, the manifold absolute pressure sensor, the exhaust and catalyst system, engine misfires, and, of course, the throttle position sensor, These engine computer recognizes the engine is running too rich, and reduces fuel consumption causing stalling after every start. If the vehicle runs and drives, it will likely hesitate when the throttle is pressed, and power surging is very likely. When the throttle body becomes dirty enough to clog the idle air control valve, the vehicle may have issues starting, especially when the temperature is cold at the first start of the day.

Can I drive with a throttle body problem?

Driving when the throttle body dirty is normally just fine, with the exception that some vehicle's will not start or run. In most cases, the vehicle can be driven until repaired. If the vehicle starts, runs and drives, but the vehicle exhibits any harsh symptoms, the vehicle should be removed from service, and taken for diagnostics and repairs.

How often does the throttle body need to be cleaned?

Manufacturers typically specify the cleaning schedule for the throttle body. This will be mostly newer vehicle's, that are equipped with an idle air control valve, ported into the throttle body. The throttle body on vehicle's that do not use direct fuel injection, or idle air control valves are typically cleaner, and may only require cleaning once or twice over their lifetime.

Throttle Body Service Repair Information

How are throttle body issues diagnosed?

Throttle body cleaning is mainly performed as factory scheduled maintenance, or a step in the diagnosis of some symptom. However, if the symptoms discussed are present, cleaning the throttle body will be a concern that a technician would think to explore. In fact, many technicians may instinctively check the throttle body condition first, as this issue is repeated with many make and models.

How is a throttle body cleaned?

Cleaning the throttle body can be done with several chemicals, and the focus is on removing the buildup, especially around the area the plate sits against, and the idle air control valve port. Once clean, the throttle body plate will seat properly, and build-up in the idle air control valve port will be removed, so air flows freely at idle.

RepairPal Recommendations for throttle body issues

If the throttle body needs cleaning before the manufacture specified interval, this could be common for the vehicle type, or there may be incorrect engine conditions. If the dirty throttle body is causing issues for the vehicle, diagnostics may need to be conducted to understand why the throttle body is being exposed to excess build-up.

What to look out for when dealing with throttle body issues

Throttle body cleanings are commonly used by dishonest technicians to needlessly raise the cost of repairs. They must be done periodically to ensure the vehicle's is maintained properly, but cleaning before the manufacturer recommended interval is normally not needed on otherwise healthy vehicle's.

Can I clean the throttle body myself?

Throttle body cleaning can be performed by most people, and the most difficult part of the job is removing the engine air filter box. One many models, the idle air control valve port will be cleaned at the same time, and this requires a little knowledge. If you are concerned that you might not understand this process, then a professional technician is recommended. Nissan and Infiniti vehicle's are notorious for issues after cleaning the throttle body at home, and are better left to a trained technician.

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