Trans Leak Inspection

Mercedes-Benz C320 Trans Leak Inspection Cost

The average cost for a Mercedes-Benz C320 Trans Leak Inspection is between $44 and $56. Labor costs are estimated between $44 and $56. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

How Much Does a Trans Leak Inspection Cost?

Trans Leak Inspection Service and Cost

What is a transmission

Transmissions are responsible for receiving power from the engine, and sending that power to the driveshaft or axles at the requested speed. The automatic transmission adjusts automatically to driving demands, and keeps the engine running in an optimum range for a given speed.

How does a transmission work?

Automatic transmissions use the rotational force supplied by the engine to pump pressurized automatic transmission fluid (ATF) through many components, resulting in the transmission selecting the appropriate gear for vehicle speed and power demand. Power is typically transferred through sets of clutches or bands, and different clutches or bands being engaged or released will change the gear. ATF lubricates these clutches and bands, while still allowing them gripping force.

What are the symptoms related to a transmission leak?

Finding drops of oil under a vehicle can be unpleasant, mostly because identification of the leak can be a daunting task. When the fluid is identified as transmission fluid, the vehicle is raised, and the transmission is inspected. Often, the transmission will leak oil from the transmission pan, and the transmission output seals. This will be very noticeable, especially if the transmission is cleaned prior to inspection.

Can I drive with a transmission leak?

Driving with a transmission fluid leak is not recommended as the amount of transmission fluid that is lost cannot be calculated while driving, and the leak may become larger while driving. For many small leaks, or seepage, the vehicle may be driven to the repair facility. However, a moderate to large leak should not be driven. Besides pouring transmission fluid onto the ground, the vehicle may suffer transmission failure from lack of lubrication, also called oil starvation.

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How often do transmission leaks occur?

Automatic transmission leaks are most common to high mileage transmissions which are in poor condition due to neglected maintenance. Performing factory maintenance on schedule is the best way to help prevent transmission failure. The transmission oil pan gasket is the most common leak to find on a transmission, and this leak is addressed as part of the regular automatic transmission service. Since each manufacturer may set different service intervals, check the owner's manual for information that applies to your specific vehicle. This is the best way to get accurate information, and keep your vehicle running like new.

Trans Leak Inspection Repair Information

How are transmission leaks inspected?

When any transmission symptoms are present, the technician will first conduct a visual inspection of the vehicle and note any observed issues. If the transmission issue is related to a leak on the transmission, inspection of the transmission will reveal the source of the leak. Once the suspected component(s) have been resealed or replaced, the transmission will be inspected once again. Failed transmission seals and gaskets are typically the most suspect with a transmission leak.

What will be the outcome of the transmission leak inspection?

Fixing a transmission seal or gasket can be very easy, but may require disassembly of many components or even transmission removal. This can involve lowering the transmission, removing the transfer case, or removing the exhaust to access the driveshaft. If significant fluid loss is noted, a transmission fluid drain and fill will be recommended.

RepairPal Recommendations for transmission leaks

We recommend against any products that claim to stop transmission fluid leaks. These products can create blockage in fluid passages, and clog transmission fluid filters. Either of these can lead to internal damage. It is better to have the leak repaired correctly.

What to look out for with transmission leaks

There are many types of transmission fluids, and they are not typically interchangeable. Consulting the owner's manual for your vehicle is the best way to ensure you have the correct fluid for your transmission. If improper transmission fluid is added, the resulting damage could be severe.

Can I inspect a transmission leak myself?

Finding and diagnosing transmission leaks can be tricky, but is something most people can do on their own. Repairing the leak may require advanced knowledge and specialty tools. If the transmission leak necessitates disassembly of the transmission, the job will be better left in the hands of a certified mechanic.

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