Infiniti M37 Brake Line Replacement Cost

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Brake Line Replacement
The average cost for an Infiniti M37 brake line replacement is between $426 and $447. Labor costs are estimated between $79 and $100 while parts are priced at $347. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.
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Brake Line Replacement

What is a brake hose?

Brake lines are reinforced rubber tubes that are made to withstand extreme hydraulic pressure and heat. They link the brake caliper to the rigid metal brake lines from the master cylinder, and must be flexible to allow the front wheels to turn.

How does the brake hose work?

Failure of a brake line will result in a soft brake pedal, possible leaking brake fluid, and loss of braking force on one side of the vehicle, causing the vehicle to drift to one side while braking.

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What are the symptoms related to a bad brake hose?

When a brake line has failed, the driver may notice a sharp loss in braking power, the vehicle pulling to one side while braking, the brake pedal feeling soft, or a complete loss in braking power. In the event of a brake line bursting, the brakes will not "pump up" when the brake pedal is actuated repeatedly. Instead, the brake pedal will feel lighter with every push.

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Can I drive with a brake hose problem?

It is not safe to operate any vehicle with any braking problem. If there is any sign that the brakes are not performing as originally intended, the vehicle should immediately be placed out of service, and repaired.

How often do brake hoses need to be replaced?

Brake lines fail due to age more than mileage, and typically vehicle's needing brake line replacement have passed the 100,000 mile mark.

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How are brake hose issues diagnosed?

When inspecting the brakes, the servicing technician will notice cracking in the brake line, and when the brakes are applied, the brake line will swell under hydraulic pressure. The brake line may also be leaking brake fluid.

How is a brake hose replaced?

Disconnecting the brake line, and connecting the new line will take only moments, however the brake system must be flushed to remove any contaminants or debris left by the deteriorated brake line. Lastly, the system must be bled of air to ensure the brakes operate as intended.

RepairPal Recommendations for brake hose issues

When replacing one brake line, the other(s) must be inspected and replaced if damage is present. We recommend using high quality or OEM brake lines.

What to look out for when dealing with brake hose issues

If a brake line fails due to deterioration, the others will probably fail soon afterwards. Replacing them may prevent a future visit to a repair facility. The metal brake lines on a vehicle rarely need service, however they can become corroded if the brake fluid is not changed per manufacturer specified maintenance intervals. Salty road conditions can also cause exterior rust leading to failure.

Can I replace the brake hose myself?

The braking system can be maintained by a DIYer with plenty of knowledge of hydraulically actuated systems. This is important as occupant safety relies on the proper completion of this repair.