GMC 2500 Pickup Throttle Position Sensor Replacement Cost

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Throttle Position Sensor Replacement
The average cost for a GMC 2500 Pickup throttle position sensor replacement is between $128 and $175. Labor costs are estimated between $61 and $89 while parts are priced between $67 and $86. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

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What is a throttle position sensor?

Throttle position sensors are exactly what they sound like, and are mounted to the side of the throttle plate for accurate readings of the position to which the throttle plate is turned.

How does the throttle position sensor work?

A good way of thinking about the throttle position sensor is this: a sensor that reads how far the gas pedal has been pressed. The computer uses this reading to request the correct amount of fuel to be injected for the amount of air the throttle body allows into the engine. Also, the amount of air being let into the engine can be compared to the amount of air that is actually in the engine for diagnostic purposes.

What are the symptoms related to a bad throttle position sensor?

When the throttle position sensor fails, the computer does not get an accurate reading from the throttle position sensor, so there is no indication of how much air should be in the system, usually causing the engines computer to overcompensate with fuel, causing black exhaust from the tailpipe, There is a strong possibility of engine misfires, and the check engine light will come on. on-board diagnostic trouble codes will be relative to the throttle position sensor, exhaust and catalyst, mass airflow sensor, engine misfires, intake manifold vacuum, and the air. Fuel mixture. Throttle position sensors can also function normally, except they have "dead spots", or places along the throttle curve where there is no connectivity. When there is a loss of connectivity corresponding with the position of the throttle, any of the above symptoms are present until the throttle is pushed, or lifted to any other position.

Can I drive with a throttle position sensor problem?

When the throttle body position sensor fails, the vehicle may start and run, but many times the vehicle will not start, or will start and stall due to a throttle body position sensor failure. Also, if the vehicle runs and drives well, but harsh driving conditions are present, the vehicle should be taken out of service, and repaired to prevent further damage.

How often do throttle position sensors need to be replaced?

Throttle position sensors fail, and they fail often. The average lifespan of a throttle position sensor is just over 80,000 miles, and replacements slow down after the 150,000 mile mark, based on averages. There is no maintenance for a throttle position sensor, and many of them do keep working until the vehicle stops, but many, if not most, will be replaced at least once during the life of a vehicle.

How are throttle position sensor issues diagnosed?

When any of the mentioned symptoms are present, and the vehicle is showing a check engine light, the first thing any technician will do is grab a professional grade computerized scan tool, and connect with the vehicle. This allows the technician to see operating conditions in real time, and the technician must rely on previous education to interpret this information into the most likely cause. When the throttle body is suspected, it will be tested for proper signal output at all ranges, and wiring faults. As some throttle position sensors have a small degree of adjustment built in, the technician must determine if the sensor is adjusted properly so it is centered on the throttle plate shaft.

How is a throttle position sensor replaced?

Throttle position sensor replacement requires the battery to be disconnected, and possibly the removal of an engine cover, or strut brace. The throttle position sensor is located exactly opposite the spring for the throttle cable, and can be removed with a connector and a could of screws. As long as access allows, the sensor can be pulled straight out, and the new sensor installed after any further testing that may be needed.

RepairPal Recommendations for throttle position sensor issues

We recommend using OEM or better throttle position sensor replacement sensors. The throttle position sensor signal is relied upon for many calculations in the computer to keep the vehicle running optimally for demand. Using an inferior sensor may result in erroneous readings, even when functioning normally.

What to look out for when dealing with throttle position sensor issues

Modern "drive-by-wire" vehicles still use the same technology in the throttle position sensor, and testing procedures are mostly unchanged.

Can I replace the throttle position sensor myself?

Replacing a throttle position sensor is easy, and only requires a screwdriver on most vehicles. The tough part of the job is properly diagnosing the throttle position sensor. This sensor is very often misdiagnosed on a hunch, and testing is not even attempted. Before wasting time and money, test the switch. If testing is not understood, you may save time and money bringing the vehicle to a certified mechanic.