Dodge Ram Van 1500 AC Evaporator Replacement Cost

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AC Evaporator Replacement
The average cost for a Dodge Ram Van 1500 AC evaporator replacement is between $515 and $759. Labor costs are estimated between $369 and $467 while parts are priced between $146 and $292. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.
Note about price: This service is typically done as part of a bigger, more expensive repair, so the estimate you see above may not represent your total cost. Some of these bigger related repairs are listed in the table below. Talk with a RepairPal Certified shop to learn which repairs may be right for you.
AC Evaporator Replacement

What are the symptoms of a bad AC evaporator?

Anytime the AC evaporator goes bad, the air from the vents will be warmer than expected. This is because a clogged or leaking evaporator won't get enough refrigerant to cool the air.

In some vehicles, there may be some type of warning like a blinking AC switch.

What is an air conditioning evaporator?

To cool the interior of a vehicle, the air conditioning system has to compress and expand refrigerant, changing its temperature. The air conditioner evaporator is what makes the refrigerant cold. This part is typically found underneath the dashboard.

How does an AC evaporator work?

As compressed refrigerant reaches the evaporator, it passes through an expansion valve. This rapidly depressurizes the refrigerant, causing its temperature to drop dramatically. Now a cold gas, the refrigerant passes through the evaporator, causing that part's metallic core to become extremely cold. The cold evaporator is in the airflow path of the blower motor, and it cools down the air that blows into the car's cabin.

Can I drive with a bad AC evaporator?

Vehicles with a bad evaporator can be driven, but they won't be comfortable when it's hot outside. In extremely hot climates such as deserts, not having a working air conditioner could be dangerous for children and seniors.

How often do AC evaporators need replacement?

Most cars will never need a new evaporator, but there are factors that can shorten its life. The evaporator is metallic, and if there's moisture in the air conditioning system, that moisture can cause corrosion. Likewise, a leaking heater core can get coolant on the evaporator, potentially ruining it.

Additionally, the rubber seals for the AC lines connecting to the core may cause the evaporator to leak, in which case the technician may recommend replacement.

AC Evaporator Replacement Cost Estimates

The average cost for an AC Evaporator Replacement is between $515 and $759 but can vary from car to car.