Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Exhaust Manifold Replacement Cost

Know what price you should pay to get your vehicle fixed.

Exhaust Manifold Replacement
The average cost for a Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD exhaust manifold replacement is between $373 and $522. Labor costs are estimated between $96 and $123 while parts are priced between $277 and $399. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.
Note about price: This service is typically done as part of a bigger, more expensive repair, so the estimate you see above may not represent your total cost. Some of these bigger related repairs are listed in the table below. Talk with a RepairPal Certified shop to learn which repairs may be right for you.

How does the exhaust manifold work?

As the engine pumps hot exhaust gases out of the cylinder head, the exhaust manifold collects it, building pressure. 

Some exhaust manifolds are designed to store the extreme heat caused by the still-burning exhaust gases leaving the individual cylinders. This helps burn any residual fuel in the exhaust before the gas is sent to the next emission device, the catalytic converter. 

What are the symptoms related to a bad exhaust manifold?

If the exhaust manifold gets corroded to the point of cracking, you'll hear a tapping sound. Other possible symptoms include black smoke from the exhaust when you accelerate and a lit check engine light.

If the muffler and exhaust pipe are hanging down, it can place additional strain on the exhaust manifold and cause its gasket to leak. 

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Can I drive with an exhaust manifold problem?

No, driving a vehicle with a leak in the exhaust manifold is not recommended. It can ruin fuel mileage, cause you to fail a smog inspection, ruin the catalytic converter and cause damage to the exhaust valves.

How often do exhaust manifolds need to be replaced?

Most exhaust manifolds last the lifetime of the engine. But problems do occur, and the likelihood of replacement is based on age rather than mileage. Hot engine temperatures from imbalanced air-fuel ratios will cause leaks in manifolds at any mileage.