Oil and Filter Change

Buick Lucerne Oil and Filter Change Cost

The average cost for a Buick Lucerne Oil and Filter Change is between $27 and $61. Labor costs are estimated between $0 and $1 while parts are priced between $27 and $60. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

How Much Does an Oil and Filter Change Cost?

Oil and Filter Change Service and Cost

Oil and Filter Change
What is an oil and filter change?

Engine oil is used in all combustion engines to protect the internal components from metal contact and heat. Engine oil should be changed regularly to prevent internal engine damage and breakdown.

How does the oil and filter change work?

Engine oil is kept in the engine oil pan on most cars, and in an external oil tank on some high performance vehicles. While the engine is running, the crankshaft drives the engine oil pump, which creates a constant flow of pressurized oil that circulates through the oil passages. The passages are throughout the engine, protecting various surfaces to prevent metal to metal contact. Oil is a lubricant that acts as a barrier, maintaining a film between metal engine components. When the oil degrades due to heat or age, its ability to maintain that barrier weakens.

What are the symptoms related to a bad oil and filter change?

Changing the engine oil in a vehicle is a critical maintenance item, and is performed according to a schedule. Failing to properly service the engine can lead to internal engine failure, so changing the oil according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule is important.

Can I drive with an oil and filter change problem?

It is possible to drive a vehicle without an oil change, but driving a vehicle after the specified service interval has passed is not recommended. Over time engine oil breaks down from use and is contaminated by the combustion process (blow by gasses). The oil and filter should be changed as soon as is convenient to maintain protection of internal engine components.

How often do oil and filter changes need to be performed?

Engine oil should be changed as frequently as the owner's manual states is necessary. Most modern cars do not require the old "3 Months or 3000 Mile" service interval. In some cases it is several times that, but at least once a year. Some cars are also equipped with maintenance computers that let you know when the oil life is depleted, or when the specified maintenance interval has passed. This notification can come on more often depending on environment or driving conditions such as towing, or long periods of stop and go traffic.

Oil and Filter Change Repair Information

How are oil and filter change issues diagnosed?

Engine oil, and engine oil filter changes normally do not require a diagnosis. They are most often completed as scheduled maintenance, or as part of a repair necessitating draining the engine of oil. If the engine is being diagnosed for other issues, the engine oil and filter may be replaced as a step in the diagnosis. In extreme cases, the engine may require special procedures to remove sludge from the engine crankcase.

How are the oil and filter changed?

While the oil is being serviced, the technician will note any obvious issues with the condition of the engine seals, amount of oil drained, last service date and mileage, and the drained oil's condition. If any abnormalities are noticed, recommendations for diagnosis or repair are made.

RepairPal Recommendations for oil and filter changes

Always ask what oil you are getting, and know what is recommended for your car. Don't be afraid to say what oil you want in your vehicle when you go in for an oil change. If the service station will not provide you the type of oil your owner's manual specifies, call around. A local service station elsewhere will have the correct oil.

What to look out for when dealing with oil and filter changes

There are many types, grades, and certifications of engine oil. Before adding oil to your engine, be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations. Consulting your owner's manual is the best way to ensure you are using the correct fluids for your vehicle. Modern engines are especially sensitive to the kind of lubricants used. If there is any uncertainty of what to top off with, contact your local certified shop.

Can I perform an oil and filter change myself?

An engine oil change can be performed by intermediate DIYers. Before attempting this service or ordering parts, be sure to look up the specifications and procedures for your particular vehicle. Most will require raising the vehicle to access the oil pan drain plug, and it is critical that the oil is refilled to the proper level, and that the oil filter is installed correctly. If there is any concern about completing this service properly, consider contacting your local RepairPal Certified Shop.

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