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Q: Estimated price for 88 Benz replaced exhaust system with used parts.
on 1990 Mercedes-Benz 300E

Mechanic did work b4 authorized. Has replaced my 88 Benz's 300E exhaust system claiming this was causing my car to stall over the past 6 months. He used parts from another car so nothing is new and now he wants $750 is that a fair price?
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thanks, would you know where I might find a repair shop that would offer that price in my area which is the San Francisco, Bay Area
Well, I live in Ga, but Meineke's phone number is 866-205-7340,they should be able to help you.Price wise,I can't predict what they will say,but they are the cheapest in the if you lived closer to me,I'm sure we could come up with something reasonable. I do own my business as a Mobile Mechanic and so far, my customers like my prices. Hope this was some kind of help.
Yes Tim thanks I have made a note of it. I have found out some interesting details since I posted this question in the state of CA you cannot legally replace a catalytic converter with a used one. And if what I have been told by other mechanic is true (that's the only thing that could get plugged up) then this guy is operating outside the regs. The mechanic in question just called me and asked me to remove my car from his lot also indicated I didn't have to pay him. What's up with that? All I asked him was to provide me with a complete and detail bill as well as replace the parts he removed from my car (window switch & tail light bulbs) to use in other people cars.
I think you should get it out of there,but when you go there,take the police with you incase he tries to start something.
If only the police would come out they say civil matter get a lawyer. Yesterday had it out with mechanic and today filed a complaint with BAR in CA. Two no-no's he performed work with no written or verbal approval and the other was he replaced the catalytic converter with a used one very bad here in CA. Mechanic last words to me was he was going to undo all he had done and put back all my old stuff unbelievable as he claims he spent 5 hours doing it all. Hope he doesn't screw with the car now but I will take it to a smog station here and if it fail which it should then I can get assistance to repair
I wish I was there to he you with this mess,but like I said,I am in Ga.,not Ca. What is your real name? Just curious who I am talking to is all.
My real name is Catherine, I live aboad my sail boat and when I was in some difficulty in a storm off of the Florida Key back in 99 the captain of the SeaTow vessel said something about wishing his girlfriend was as Salty as me as I stood in bow pulpit while a storm was raging to catch the tow rope. The name kind of stuck so since then I've used on the web. Thanks for your support with this mess
Well, you are most welcome Cathrine,it has been and will always be a. Pleasure to help in any way I can.please feel free to call on me for what ever else you need.

Well I retrieved my car from the bad mechanic who says he returned everything to the car that he removed. Hope that's true. I did look up Meineke but they are a considerable distance away and of course I am not sure at this point just what the problems are with the car. So I towed it to a local station that specialize in smog related issues which if its the exhaust as they claimed then he would be the one to do the repairs. I am waiting to hear back from him and when I do I would like to present his conclusions and estimates for repair to this forum to see what you think. Would that be OK?
That's fine with me, but the prices between Ca. And Ga. Are much different.mainly due to the cost of living is much higher there. But I would be glad to help you research things. My email if you would like to write is
That's probably because the other " mechanic" cleared out or "erased" the codes from your ECM. The car will have to be run or driven for at least 30-50 miles to restore what data was cleared from it.please feel free to use my email if you would like,or we can stay here if you preferr.
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