Q: Estimate Needed - Replace Ball Joint and A frame on 2002 Dodge Ram Van 3500

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Ball joint popped out and stripped out A frame.Told that both of these needed to be replaced. What would cause a ball joint to pop out? Could not find the answers to these questions as well as not finding my vehicle model listed: Dodge Pleasure-Way Excel TS Ram Van 3500. Engine and trans fluid were overfull. Could this have been done on purpose? Thank you.
(1) Answer
If this is used as an RV type of vehicle, then it is really loaded to the max. A ball joint will pop out on any heavier vehicle, once they wear out. Even on little cars they pop out once they are done.

the oil and trans fluid over fill is more a sign of incompetence than evil intent. there is no upside to ruining a motor or trans.