Q: ESC system is not working on 2006 Hyundai Azera

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i bought used azera Nov /2006 car with ESC off light turned on .
the nearest repair shop said that the ESC electronic chip is missing ,caused by side accident , so what should i do in this case ?
secondly , is it safe to drive it nationwide in this condition ?
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There is no ESC 'chip', the ESC or Electronic Stability Control is an anti-slip system for you vehicle that uses 3 computer systems, the engine computer, the throttle body computer and the ABS computer. There is software that binds these three systems together to allows you to have maximum traction on slippery roads. This is a very important system especially in wet weather and on snowy icy roads. Not so much in the summertime on dry roads. Find a shop who has a real knowledge of this system, any one who says a 'chip' is missing is not skilled enough to deal with problems in this system.

here are some shops to try:
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