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This is the second time it happens, the EPC light comes on and then the car loses power. The car has a manual transmission.
The first time it happens it lasted for a day and then it went away on it's own, both lights were gone the next day, but now it's been a week and both lights are still on.
What is the EPC light anyway? PLEASE HELP!!!
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The EPC light is the Electronic Power Control which is basically a computer that controls your Throttle ( you car has a 'drive by wire' system ). the Check Engine Light will come on when any part of your Emissions Control System ( including your EPC ) has a fault condition see
You need to have your car's computer system scanned.

I am very glad that your VW is running properly again. After Market radios are very harmful to the network system on VWs. I do Smog Diagnosis and repair in CA and often times, when there is an after market radio in a VW, it will set off many warning lights, because there is a very specialized method of connecting a radio in VW. Your car has its own little Internet of Computers that need to talk to each other in very sensitive and precise ways.
As far the low oil level goes, this is also a very, very critical factor for any car. Most modern VWs have more than one oil sensing device to monitor the oil level and ventilation flow. If there isn't the proper level or flow, the car will trigger several lights to warn the driver that something is wrong and may even limit the power. 1990's Chevy Camaros would shut off the engine, entirely, when the oil got below a certain level, no matter where you were driving. I am happy to hear that your VW is OK. It also sounds like you found a skilled and ethical VW tech. I would bring your car to this person at least twice a year to have your car checked over for service needs. Best of Luck!
Hey Dandd, Thank you for your help. I took the car to an expert on VW and he told me that it was probably the "after market radio" he did noticed that the oil was low and he pour some and after that we took the car to the highway and raced it there.
We then parked the car for 15 minutes and when I started the car again both lights were gone!!! What do you think of this whole thing?
hey!Dandd?how are you?your profile interest me so much and i would like to exchange some knowledge if possible and by the way if you have a ship snap-on for sell to abble me to add on my collection of scan tools.thanks a lot appreciate your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would like to know too if you have MB star or Compact 3 for Mercedes Benz?.....
i recently bought a used new beetle, 2001, same problem and it came with a 'new radio'...will just disconnecting the radio resolve the issue and allow the 'interfered with networking' to go about its business?
I am not sure how invasive the new radio is to your CAN or computer bus system. You could try disconnecting it and see if it helps, if not, then go to a savvy VW shop and have them repair it. Hope that this helps.
I have a 2001 VW Beetle (Turbo), but it does not have a after market radio. It has the original one it came with. The EPC light came on & I had a loss of power as well. I was able to drive it, but it had a hard time ever getting to 40 mph, and it would speed up so slowly that it takes a long stretch of road to even hit 20 mph. This is the second time the light had come on, but the first time, it drove normally. Do I need to take it to a shop?
If your EPC light is coming on, then yes have the computers scanned. The EPC light is not always triggered by an after market radio, the EPC system ( see above ) sometimes will malfunction on its own. This system is still relatively new in smaller, less expensive cars ( been in 7 series BMW 12 cyl since the late 80s ) for about 10 years, maybe less.

i just got stranded on the side of the Interstate today for 30 minutes because my beetles epc light came on and it was like my car shut down. It slowed to a roll and I finally had to pull over. I let it sit and when I tried to drive after it chugged and wouldn't go over 35 mph. Then it would all of a sudden race forward to like 60 in a few secs and when i would shift it would die again. Worst car ever wouldn't recommend anyone to buy one!!!
Go check out , so many people seem to have this EPC problem. They seem to have a solution.
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