Q: Engine/Tranny Swap on 1993 Chevrolet Camaro

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I have a 93 V6 5-speed, and the transmission may be about to go out. If I have to have it fixed, i would probably have to take out a loan, so im thinking about just taking out a loan enough to buy a z28 engine and transmission, and just put it in. What im wondering is how much ballpark will it cost to get ahold of everything i need. I have seen on craigslist, as low as 1200 together, but i dont think i would be that lucky to find near me. Where is a good place to look (aside from a junkyard) for dealers of rebuilt or salvaged engines and transmissions?
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How many miles are on your car? What type of engine do you have, i.e. how big is it? What is your trans doing that makes you think it is going out?
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