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Q: Engine/starter/fly wheel on 2003 Mazda Mazda6

Ok, im a bit frustrated with the cost of repairs for the mazda. Ive had the car since 2003, in 2007 car started to have issues. #2 Cylinder kept mis-firing, they couldn't find anything wrong except the sensor was bad. Car sat at the delearship for 6 months, Check engine light came back on after starting it up. They said i could still drive it--no biggy. Car came increasingly worse, starting to take about 30-40 mins during winter to even get car started, stay running. Takes me 10 mins for summer time. Once started, the car bucks initially when going but over 20 mph you are fine. RPMs will go as high as 3 then cut off down to 0. At that time you can sense the pressure is gone unless you step on the gas peddal to kick it back on. Bring you to current, car has thus died. Turns out starter was bad (note, battery was replaced in may 2009 due to tooo many attempts to start car). Replaced with new starter that was found at auto zone... installed new one and mazda will crank engine followed by a loud grinding noise and cuts the engine off. When attempting again, all i hear is a clicking noise and car won't start. HELP!?!? what is it that is wrong? i have 82K miles on it.. warranty is out. Although everything is still pre-existing problems since a year after i have had the car (started with a poping noise coming from engine) the extended warranty and dealership keep pasing it back and forth to each other... in the end i suffer because i dont have a reliable car... advise, help?!?!?!
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it sounds like your starter from autozone is the wrong type. I would NOT buy one from there, ever. The misfire on the 4 cyl is often a leaking intake manifold. It either cracks, the gasket tears or there are some hoses that are buried way down that you have to completely remove the manifold to access.they tend to split. They go to the PCV system. this is a time consuming repair. I have done a few of them. best to have a real shop look at your car. the dealer sounds clueless. Some are you know. Best of Luck!
I have a 04 Mazda 6 6cyl just recently went to accelerate and it hesitated. Engine came on flickered went off. since then engine idles rough and hesitates during accelleration. Problem gets worse when AC is on, Any suggestions need help>>>
I had the same problem with our Mazda6 wagon. It was a bad ignition coil pack. Might have even been the same cylinder. As for your starter issue, it sounds like the relay needs to be replaced because the starter does not cut off quickly enough. Might be integral to the starter, in which case that thing needs to go back to AutoZone.
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