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Q: engine won't start after crankshaft pulley locking up on 1995 Buick Riviera

I was wanting to see if bottom belt tensioner was making the bnoise, eased tension on the belt taking it loose from alternator pulley, started engine and belt got caught up and wrapped around crankshaft pulley, engine let out aloud clank and aftger reinstalling belt...turns over, goofy sounds and no start ...what might have been damaged?
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Most likely crankshaft position sensor damaged! AT BEST! Will need the sensor and crank balancer for sure! Possible pigtail connector as well. "Goofy sounds" is the tone ring on the back side of the balancer grinding away at the crank sensor, both are now damaged beyond repair. Replace both!
Tell me if i am wrong!
thanks pal... am laid up for a bit but eventually will pull timing chain cover and see...I did just pull No. l plug and plug still fires, and there's compression, was just trying to determine if timing chain broke but I don't hearREALLY BAD noises or crunching... just thought maybe it was "hopeful' that there's compression on at least one cylinder and plug fires... if it does fire does that make it "hopeful" nothbing got messed up in computer etc? but thanks for your help I'll let you know when Iknow but I recentlyu had a knee replacement so it may sit there awhile (unless I talk my son into working on it lol and thanks for your time Dave

o, gotta admit not sure what the "crank balancer" is? I know about sensor but last engine I worked on was 88 LeSabre that I had to put timing chain etc., in and thanks again
well it looks like it mashed the moonlike piece that fits in the crankshaft at least gotta tear timing chain cover off and if I get lucky just replace that piece..."easier said than done' the pulley was torn forware about half an inch & metal split so was a bitch to pull but ... anyway thanks for your advice am hoping crankshaft not ruined but car only has 78k actual damn!! but thanks again for your help
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