Q: engine wont start. on 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty

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Is there any way the oil pump can be checked if the truck does not start.I have been told by a mechanic that either the oil pump is not working or it is leaking(0 rings)How can I believe him if he says it is the oil pump.I was told the pump is worth $1400.00
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High pressure oil pumps are not common causes of failure on the 6.0L Diesel. There is a branch tube that when separated causes excessive cranking times due to low oil pressure to high pressure system issues. This doesn't sound like your problem. I would recommend a second opinion - try to find someone who has serious experience with these challenging - yet very fixable engines.
check your IPR that's what it means further more you need a VARUS scanner to diagnose if they don't have one keep on going or your gonna get ripped off