Q: Engine will not start unless gas pedel is depressed about 1/4 the way down on 1992 Ford F-150

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Problem started today, I have a 1992 F150 5.0L with EFI with 248,000 miles on it. Engine runs great. Last comlete tune up was 3000 miles ago. This is what happened, When I first tried to start the engine it ran for about 0.5 seconds, I fliped to the rear gas tank and the same thing. Then I tried depressing the gas pedel 1/4 way down and after about 5 sec of cracking the engine started and ran just fine as always. When I got home I tried to start it again and had to do the gas pedel depression again. As this is an EFI engine and I bought it new in 1992 it has alwas started without touching the gas pedel. This issue happens when the truck is both at normal runing temp and when cold.
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Sounds like is bleeding off the fuel in the system and not holding pressure to allow for there to be fuel at injectors when crank engine. Suspect the fuel pump. Have it checked by qualified tech.
Thanks for the reply but my truck has 2 fuel tanks with internal fuel pumps in each tank. I tried both tanks and still does the same thing. Do not think both pumps would go out at the same time. Any other ideas?
I would suspect an IAC fords have trouble in this area. The IAC is what the computer uses to control idle speed and they will stick as they get older and clogged.