Q: Engine will not fire. New coil pack and crank pos sensor,all fuses good. on 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

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The engine still will not fire. What can I do now?
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I will check that... thankyou. Ironic,the car is from Fla. one othr question for you... will the ECM give you any indication it's going to fail?
Sometimes yes sometimes no. Think of it like other electronic devices, a TV for example. Sometimes it acts funny for a little bit sometimes it just won't start up any more.
To check for a computer you will need some equipment and technical know how. First step is to see if the drivers in the computer are triggering the coils and fuel injectors. A shorted coil could shut down the drivers. You will also need to know what inputs the computer is receiving or not. A good shop should be able to diagnose it.
Thankyou for your help. Your absolutly wright about electronics; especially old ones. Btw, hope there isn't any "aftershocks" in your city due to the things going on in Sanford tonight. Thanks again and God bless.