Q: Engine when idling causes dash vibration noise. on 1999 Saturn SL2

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I get a vibration type noise through the dash when in park or at stop light with foot on brake. When gas applied engine noise ceases. Would replacing engine mounts help? Any other ideas? One mechanic basically said this was a problem in the SL model and live with it.
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Determining if a complaint is normal is the first step, you cannot "fix" a problem that doesn't exist. You should be able to visibly check or have a shop check the engine and transmission mounts to see if they are broken or collapsed.
Would suggest checking the upper engine mount as they wear out more often than the other 3 mounts on the engine and trans. If you can place a pen inbetween the metal and rubber of the upper engine mount then it is worn and could be causing the vibration felt through the inside of the vehicle.
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