Q: Engine timing on 1995 Dodge Intrepid

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Engine has been running smoothly as of yesterday. Tried to start the car today, the engine cranks but will not "pop". I don't smell fuel, battery has full power, starter is working good, but it sounds like it "jumped timing"?? Is this a costly repair? Approximately, what can I expect to lay out, without going to a dealer?
(1) Answer
If the Timing Belt stripped out, because it was old, it could mean a lot of money, because you may have bent the valves. first thing to do is to remove the timing cover and re-set or replace the belt, then do a compression test to see the valves did in fact bent. if they did, this is really expensive, like $3000 to remove the heads and repair the valves, if the heads aren't cracked from the valves bending. this can be termed a 'catastrophic' engine repair.