Q: engine system service required notice keeps coming up. What is this? on 2000 Volvo S80

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This light has been coming on & off since April. My mechanic said it is an idiot lite and has no effect on the engine. It is annoying. How can I re-set it?
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Hi, I'm not sure what message you are receiving, does it come on when you start the car then go off after a minute or so? Are there any other lights or messages? Check Engine Light?
I turn the display message off by pressing the button on the end of the turning signal arm, The exclaimation point triangle stays lit up. When hooked up to computer, no codes come up. No check engine lite is on. The "engine system service required" message is on the (L) side of the dash display in the area that tells you when trunk, doors etc... are open.
This is indicating there is a fault that has been detected by the engine management system. There are many reasons this could come on, so it's best to pull the diagnostic info from the engine computer to know for sure. I have a feeling your mechanic doesn't want to deal with it and says it's not an issue. These lights generally don't come on for no reason. I suggest taking it to another shop to have it looked at.