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Q: Engine system fault, park brake fault, dsc not available on 2003 Jaguar S-Type

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Getting following messages: engine system fault, park brake fault & dsc not avilable lights were flashing which caused the car to completely loose power. Could drive at a slow speed only.
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I had the same problem and unfortunately it is a fairly common, and expensive, one with the S-Type. Those warning signs point to a faulty throttle body sensor. The sensor failed over the course of two weeks for me, until it stranded me completely and I needed a tow. The only problem is, the sensor itself can't be replaced. The entire throttle body has to be switched out and it's a $900 part. The good news is, it'll fix your problem.
I currently have the same problem with my 2004 S-Type 3.0. I went to Auto Zone and got a free diagnosis and it read that the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) was the problem. And you're right, the entire throttle body has to be purchased. By the way, where did you buy the part? Please reply. Thanks.
I had this problem with my 2005 S-Type 4.2 V8. I had it last year and cleaned my Mass Air Flow Sensor and it went away. Then it came again this Spring and replaced the MAF but it didn't go away. I then replaced my throttle body (very expensive) and when it happened again I was dismayed, but determined to find the solution. The only common denominator was the gasoline I used.
I went to the auto store (with four of these errors on the way to the store) to get some Dry Gas. The store doesn't have Dry Gas, but did have Injector Cleaner with moisture inhibitor in it. I bought a can and put it in the gas tank and I have not had the problem since.
I believe the problem was caused by a tank of bad gasoline. Either the octane was low or there was water in it. The injector cleaner will inhibit the moisture as well as boost the octane. AND, it only cost $4.99 for the can, not $769 for the throttle body.
WOW that is exactly same symptoms with me. Started yesterday in rush hour traffic. Turned it off and it cleared. 10 driving minutes later, came back on. I went into where I get oil changed and the detector said Park Brake sensor. So of course it is Sat. and no repair places are open. I am female and in Houston where ya don't wanna get stuck in traffic. So am going to try this Injector cleaner and PRAY hard !! Thanks.
This is the type of problem that will require having a scan tool that can read the faults in all the systems on the vehicle to determine where to start the diagnosis. Do you have a good shop to take your vehicle to for this?
I had the same problem with my 05 S-Type R. I found that when I checked the battery for volts I was getting almost no reading. Cleaned the terminals and got proper volt reading. The car has been fine ever since.
I had the same thing here, I paid lots of money to find out what is the problem, mechanics played with my poor car damaged everything they can to stop it from running, but when I found out that when I changed the battery on my own, with a turkish manufactured battery of 100 A big battery, not even the fault stopped appearing but all the car was boosted in performance, Dsc not available and Park Brake is all related to the level of electricity running the parts of car was screaming back to you, change my battery, all parts of Jaguar runs on electricity, main computer now runs faster, no delay on screen, and now Dsc not available once ignited doesn't appear anymore, remember that once car is reset by battery change, you need to apply brake and boot (step on brak and hold park brak lever up at the same time with pressing computer button on stearing whisk for like 10 sec until you see on screen AVE back again), and bypass radio lock by pressing on the three buttons, mem and the right combination with >>, and you're set
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