Q: engine surges then bogs down only between 1000 to 1500 rpm driving and idling. on 1993 Ford F-150

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does it only while giving it throttle. smells rich. what could it be? no codes but one time the ck eng light came on and it suddenly cleared up temporarily
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the more throttle u give the less exh can leave your system and will cause excessive back pressure
The symptoms sound like a clogged exhaust,but another possibility that can cause a rich running concern is a faulty air charge sensor that is mounted in the lower intake.Whrn these go out they can make the exhaust glow cherry red due to excess fuel injected into the engine.Just a thought,and easy to check by removing it and looking at it.
Thanks. I think what everyone else missed is that it runs fine above 1500 rpm. the surge and die stuff cycles over and over between 1000 and 1500 rpm. I should have been more clear. it idles fine, just not at low rpm with throttle and honestly my exhaust needs to be replaced. btw it doesnt have a cat just true duals and a small crosspipe where the o2 sensor is.
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