Q: Engine Stuttering on 1997 Honda Accord

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When I start my car cold (meaning parked longer than 11/2 hours) my engine tends to stutter after about 5mins if let to stay idle or if i drive off at the same time it loses power. This happens for about 2-4 mins and then everything returns to normal. There are no visible signs of leaks in the engine or on the ground. What could be wrong?
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There are many things that can cause the engine to stutter when cold and run fine after it warms up. What needs to be done is to monitor the sensor data to see which sensor is either giving a false reading, or something that's making the sensor act different than it should during warm up. I would look at the data from the coolant temp sensor, primary O2, MAP sensor, and throttle position sensor. Once you determine which sensor is not reading as it should then you can start a diagnostic process to determine if you have a faulty sensor or an issue with the engine making the sensor read different from what it's supposed to.
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