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Q: Engine starts/dies on 1990 Chevrolet Beretta

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About two monthes agoMy vehicle began ideling eractically at a redlight,drive thru window or stopped for a train crossing..I saw the idle changing so I put in park and reved it to keep her alive.However,the car died right in traffic.i had a few guys push the car into a lot.I sat there for 10 minutes pondering my next move ,I turned the key and and it fired right up as if nothing happened.This occured two times only when the vehicle was in stopped but engaged in drive. !Two days ago I started the car and drove it for 10 minutes when I noticed that after 45 mph the vehicle was sluggish and hestating.I let the car sit for an hour.I jumped back in and it started and once in drive,it immediately died.Id start/engage in drive /and it died. .Then it would drive perfect for a mile or so and repeatly die.I managed to get it home....Ive changed the fuelfilter and and recieving proper fuel pressure.I recently had a someone scan with the MAC tool.The reference was pointing towards the ignition module.The rpms were eractic(up and dowm)and then the car would just die. It would die before getting the code.Ive narrowed it down to either an ingition module or the crank sensor hoping you may be able to give me your opinion ?
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I don't believe your problem is electrical. It sounds to me like your fuel pressure is not consistant and some time you have zero pressure. When in a "no start situation" You need to try turning your ignition to the on position, don't start it, and just listen for the fuel pump humming that comes from the fuel tank. You can hear this while in the drivers seat. Also you statement of "eratic RPMs (up amd down) sound like fuel> Good Luck
i have 92 berreta that runs and dies changed everything didnt help dontknow what it is
I had the same exact symptoms with my beretta. I took it in and apparently i had an oil leak that was eating away my spark plug wires. I got the oil leak fixed and changed my spark plugs. No problems since then.
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