Q: Engine starts and runs for a while then shuts off on 1990 Toyota Pickup

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first: my truck is a 1987 model.
but after it shuts off, it will NOT start again for at least a while. I was told by someone who doesn't know much about vehicles that they thought I flooded it, and I kept pumping the accelerator while starting it to deflate it and it started, ran for about the same amount of time, and thus the same thing happened again in the exact spot that I got out of, but on the other side of the road (I was in a small dead-end road and backed in and out of someone's drive way) so there I am, stuck on the other side of the road, and it started again after about 15 minutes of trying to get it on, and then it cut off immediately, got it towed home, and the next morning it started and idled.

Replaced/checked to ensure parts:
Fuel Filter
Gas (It's been sitting a while)
Fuel Pump
Single Defective Spark Plug
Alternator (battery was fine)

I got the truck for free but there's a ton of things wrong with it, worth more than the thing costs altogether. Please assist me with opinions and ideas.
(2) Answers
Have you checked the EGR and PCV valve? it sounds like that is the problem, my 89 3.0 is going through the same thing.
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