Q: Engine start up after being idle for three years. on 1990 Volvo 240

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What procedure should I follow to start a 1990 Volvo 240 that has been sitting, garaged, for three years? It has 37,000 miles on it.
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would first drain the fuel tank, as the gasoline inside
has decomposed into jello. put in 2- gallons of fresh fuel and replace the fuel filter. then try to start. tires will flat spot after a year, they may thump. after
this, replace the oil, then check over carefully for rust or decay.
Fresh fuel is the most important. By now, the fuel in the tank has turned to varnish and will wreak havoc in the fuel system if you try to run the car with the old gas still in it. The battery is probably dead/weak, the tires are most likely flat-spotted on the bottom (read: not flat) from sitting and may be a little dry rotted also. Once the car is up-and-running, have all the tires checked, have all the fluids flushed/replaced and make sure there is no rodent damage/nests anywhere (especially under the hood!). Hope this helps!