Q: Engine stalls n may restart or takes time to restart on 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

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Once restarted runs like nothing ever wrong, but will stalls sometime later again. Changed crank sensor , checked fuel pressure on gauge, no problems. Checked massive air flow.sensor, no issues. Diagnostic checked reads No problem,
(2) Answers
I had the same issue with my car not too long ago. What had happened was the oil pressure switch wire had fused itself with a wire that runs down behind the engine from the wire harness that sits on top of the engine. I did not make the reapir or find the issue, this was all told to me by a family mechanic. Those wires were causing my car to stall every once in awhile. However, it was not long after that it stalled for good. The fused wires caused my oil pressure switch to short out. This may not be your problem but you may want to trace your wires.
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