Q: Very rough Idle and black smoke on acceleration on 2003 Dodge Durango

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The wires, plugs have been replaced. I picked it up from the shop yesterday and they replaced all wires drove it home with no problem engine light was off. Today I'm on the highway for 45 minutes when I come to the toll booth and it's idling very high again, but it doesn't stall and I got to my destination. Started it up for the ride home again and it started fine and hit the highway, made it to the toll booth and it started idling high again. This time on the ride home I punched it and black smoke out of the exhaust. The check engine light is on again also. Anyone have an idea I'm lost and don't want the garage to run me through the muck. Also just replaced the tranny in August, could there be a connection? Thank you
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First thing, have the check engine light checked out, if the light's on then there's malfunction detected by the controller. Codes and data are stored in the controller for the fault. This would be useful information for diagnosis.
Here's a directory link for you:
not sure what the codes were the mechanic didn't tell us, but he did say replacing the wires would rectify the situation.