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Q: engine sputtering and gages goin crazy on 1995 Pontiac Bonneville

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have recently bought a used 95 bonneville ssei with a 149,000 miles, car was running good after 3-4 months then the car started sputtering while driving and the speedometer started jumping as well as other gages as car was sputtering.Sometimes the car would fight its way through the sputtering and not shut off other times it would shut off while driving ill put it in neutral and then it would start up again.Sometimes it would shut off and not start back up for 10-15 mins. I changed the fuel filter,the control module,and the intake manifold gaskets.Check engine light comes on sporadically,also when the car is sputtering and the gages are going crazy the check engine light comes on as well as the volt check light. can u please let me know if you know what the problem is.
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The first step would be to read any fault codes stored in the pcm. It sounds like and electrical connection or faulty ground issue causing low system voltage. Hopefully any fault codes stored will point you to the cause. You can also look at connections that you can see and make sure all are clean and tight. Having a qualified technician diagnose the no start condition when the fault is occurring would be a big help. Does the starter crank the engine over or due you have a no crank condition when the engine won't start?
That depends on that day sometimes it does its little spuddering,jerking,n gages going crazy thing then shuts its self right back off again(all of this while iam n park),then others times it turns right back over giving me no problems for the rest of the day,then there times where ill have to wait a while before it turns back over,start driving again then b4 i hit the corner it turns itself off again...(F.Y.I i have noticed that thew tempture gage rises high quickly at times SINCE THIS ALL STARTED,so i did have the thermometer replaced but the problem still exsist.also the low coolant engine light comes on n off as it pleases but the reserve is full,the engine has da coolant circulating,and there or no leaks)
I have the same exact problem right now and no one can tell me what it is? It's awful and expensive to keep repairing things and missing work without pay for "the guessing game"
Here it is Aug 2015 and my 1995 SSEI has the same problem. haven't seen any actual solutions yet. anyone find one?
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