Q: engine sputtering on 1998 Dodge Ram 2500

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when my truck is warmed up after about 15 miles or so it starts to sputter like it's running out of gas. then sometimes it will back fire but mostly it just stales out. but i can crank it right back up and go for a few miles or so before it starts again??any suggestions. thanks nikki
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98 dodge ram 1500, and I have the same problem starts to sputter after 15 min. of driving, and currently tracing it down. first i was having an overdrive problem, and was told to replace the tps sensor. I replaced the tps sensor, and immiediatly after the od problem went away, and started sputtering after 15 min. of driving, this happens every morning. no code yet. just replaced plugs wires, cap and rotor last night, still same problem. another forum suggested a weak battery, will check tonight.
OK, i checked the battery, and is ok. on the way home I got a p0123 (tps sensor voltage high)ran rough intermittenly on the way home. When i got home I put the old tps back on, and now it runs fine. my guess is that the new tps was bad from the getgo. So, my suggestion would be to try a new tps ( about $30.00 ).
An idle valve can cause the engine to stall while idling, but if the vehicle has any problems when it's not idling, then it is likely something else. I think you are having a different problem. Have you checked for any fault codes? Is the Check Engine Light on?
i haven't had any codes tested yet. i will do that today. and no my check engine light is not on. thanks you
i think i figured it out???after listening to the engine i pulled off the air filter body to get to the throttle body. there was the normal vacuum but then when it started to warm up there was a very loud vacuum from where the idle control valve my engine starts to stale the noise gets i think it's the idle air conrol valve is bad??