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Q: ENGINE SMOKING From my 1998 Eclipse.i just CHANGE the engine 2 weeks ago. on 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse

i replace the engine (USED)for my 10 year old eclipse rs auto 2.0.cyl just barely three weeks ago. i have seen the engine light Shockingly"remain off for just 1 week or less"the past two weeks STRAIGHT light is on again "Check engine"on my 1998
eclipse. i am mad because i just bought the new used engine @ 800 bucks,the labor was 1000 cash for such installation cost of labor.NOw today the SMOKE is coming out of the actual ENGINE,from under the hood etc. and i am MAD white smoke,smell as if something was burning under the hood of my 1998 mitsubishi eclipse. i seen oil leak 2 days ago when i pull out of my garage,and i been noticing the car FEEL as if it is going to CUT OFF ON ME?mechanic know me in town so i "trust him"ONLY with all my rides over 5 years 2 beamers
1 eclipse.and this is the ONLY CAR i have so much issue with after NO ISSUE FOR PAST THREE YEARS.SO MY QUESTION IS:
if he change properly the NEW USED ENGINE 1998 JUST 17 days
ago why is all of this happening,thank you i await your thorough well written clear answer to this major issue as i seen the OLD ENGINE so i know he did replace it thx alot.

NOTE:when he first change it during august 2010 he told me
"another engine''was 1st put in and it did not work at all!
then he get me this 2nd new used engine and it was working
and how the ENGINE LIGHT WILL NOW STAY OFF And all is good.
he couldn't be any less wrong,and i did already call him left him a message. i shall buy another BMW i want and save for over 2004 new -used one,soon but i want a spare car so i invest 2000 in this"new used engine"just 17 days ago and look SMOKE coming from the engine/under the hood and i was lucky i was just about home when my teen girl notice the smoke coming from the engine of my eclipse,what is going on
what is feasibly the problem?

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white smoke usually means steam,-- having a blown head gasket, or cracked engine block could be possible, smoke under the hood could possibly be from a leaking valve cover gasket causing oil to run,or be blown on to the exhaust manifold, and piping. You may want to have a thorough evaluation of the car/ engine done by another reputable mechanic or shop. running it any more can damage the engine irrevercibly. Dont forget to get it in writing, you may need it to help resolve $ issues.
wow i waiting long time lol for answer,thank you. i did again replace the engine PRIOR to seeing the smoke,i was told once the new used engine for 2000 bucks were installed all will be fine.just "fine"with a six month warranty given on my engine. now i have notice still since your seeing the above comment dated,early oct.2010 i been noticing STILL the engine light on STILL! i was inform by same mechanic,reputable in my area for 25 to 30 years! he saying the"engine light may be a computer prob"and give me all CODES for the computer for this car etc. and then say well maybe it is the TRANSMISSION.i feel like i am being jipped,as WHY would the engine light be on STILL if he replace the engine?
suppose to be new used,and lastly the SMOKE issue has been fix,but my MAIN concern now still is the ENGINE BRIGHT LIGHT is STILL ON after he fix the smoke issue.
Wow someone can speak plain engish my god i understood my newborns blahblahblah better than tryin to read what the hell u said. Holy balls
glad i am getting another car soon,Mitsubishi Eclipse 95-99 are great looking sportscars IMO.
but i will be happy to get a new ride,even eventually making a decent reasonable monthly pymt. until i can buy it straight out$$$a new car,just make payments,going car shoping soon!

because this is way too much of a headache now....

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