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Q: Engine shutting off on 1995 Dodge Ram Van 2500

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After overheating engine about to 3/4 of that thermometer, i replaced thermostat, water pump,1 hose, put new belt and put everything back together.
Since that time, engine started shutting off, right after turn key, maybe 5 seconds, check engine light is on.
If you started maybe 6times, push more gas, it's going to be stable till time you want change shift from P to R or D.
When you do this, it's shut off right away. If you push gas, and hold it for few seconds, it looks ok, you can drive it.
When you park it, and start it again, same all problem is again.
Please help - guy with no experiences
Thanks a lot
go to and find out how to access the check engine codes and then retrieve it and trace the cause first and foremost. I get these codes with a scanner, but I don't think that you have one, there is usually a way to get the mopar codes pre-1996, I think that you just turn the key on and wait, the CEL will blink out the code, at least it does on most pre-1996 mopar. Hang in there, YOU can do this!
I found it, scanner didn't work on this type,it is 95, and i found, when i took off alternator and compressor from ac, to change thermostat, because thermostat is really hide behind these two things, i accidentally disconnected coolant temperature sensor, and i didn't know that. That's why check engine light was on after what i put everything together. Very little thing, but big mess, really hard to fix it, you have to take ac compressor out again.
Finally it's after 3days fixed!!!!! :-)))))
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