Q: Engine shutting off. on 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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If i am every driving my car and i push and hold the clutch in, whenever i'm approaching a stop light or sign, the car will shut off. If i shift into neutral the car will shut off. And this happens everytime i either press and hold the clutch or shift into neutral.
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Have your idle speed control checked. Do you ever get any Check Engine or Service Engine Soon Lights coming on? If so, have the codes checked because that will be a huge help.
They have come on before and i was told mass air flow system which i got replaced...and it helped for a couple weeks then the problem came back so i returned the part as defective and got a new one and the problem returned again after a couple more weeks. now the check engine light doesn't come on. i had my idle air control motor cleaned and that helped for a couple weeks as well, but the problem has returned again. so now i'm thinking i have to get the idle air control motor or valve replaced but i don't know which one and they are both expensive