Q: engine shuts off on 1994 Buick Park Avenue

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the engine shuts off going down the road, and sitting still. when it is cold, and when it is warmed up. i turn the key off, put it in park and crank it back up. i have put new coil packs, plugs and wires, and throttle position sensor on it and nothing has worked. it may go a day without doing it, but not more than a day. no engine light comes on.
(1) Answer
There are 2 thing that are common on this car that does this, the Ignition Module and the Crank Sensor. if you don' t know how to trouble shoot this, then when the car dies, you need to determine if it is losing just spark or spark and injector pulse. if it loses both, it could be the Crank Sensor, if it loses just spark, it is usually the Ignition Module. if you don't know how to do these tests then take this to a tech who knows exactly what I am asking, if they seem puzzled, you are at the WRONG shop. Find a shop who knows what all this stuff means.