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Q: Engine shuts down at operating temp. on 1990 Honda Civic

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In a 1989 Honda Civic with a 1.5 engine, at normal operating temp., the engine shuts down. The coolant temp. Sensor has been replaced. I believe the ignition control module could be the problem. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.
Try this; in a hopefully quiet shop , watch the check engine light and turn the key to 'run' position(do not start) listen carefully for a 'click' when the light goes off. if it clicks but car will not start , replace the ignitor. If no click -car should not start- replace the main relay (under dash left of column follow large wires from ignition switch.
hondas are bad for distributers when the engine gets hot it shuts down if you let it cool down it should restart have it scan tested for codes
I think it has something to do with the ignition control module,my OBD11 will not scan it, it is a 1989 my scanner only does 96 and newer. Should I just replace the entire distributor or single out the ignition module? I want to save my customer money, is there any way to test the module?
I don't use salvaged electrical parts for my customers,they deserve better than that.
I would ask your customer what they want to do a used dist will be a lot cheaper than a new one
And what happens when the one I use from a salvage yard goes bad a few days or weeks later? I have to redo the same repair free. I am about doing it right the first time. And as far as electrical parts, I always go new. That way if it is flawed, they get a warrantee. I would rather do that free then have a used one fail and have to buy another one out of my own pocket. In my opinion, any one who uses used electrical parts, aren't worth taking any vehicle to. So, I'll ask some one else other than you.please don't reply to this again. I've been at this over 30 years. How long have you been at it?????
I have been doing this for 35 years if you were that good why are you asking us questions
One can be Good at their job, but if they are unsure about something, they should NEVER be afraid to ask about anything. It takes a REAL mechanic to be able to ask advice once in a while.
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