Q: Engine shifting on frame on 1995 Ford Ranger

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my son rearended another car and as a result either the engine shifted forward or the body shifted backward and to oil filter became cracked and oil spilled everywhere. really now body damage other than front bumper move upward. there are what look to be motor mount on either side of the engine that have rubber bushings or something similar those a right near the oil filter and appear to be shifted on both side of the engine and are what broke the oil filter. the truck also has 3" body lift on it. When you try to put the in first, third or over drive the gear shifter goes al the y way into the dash. Question is is it possible for the engine to shift forward or the body to shift back taking the radiator with it? and if so how easy/hard a fix is it?
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Probably the body lift kit bolts were slightly loose and slid forward, Have a mechanic loosen the body mounts and pull the body to the rear, also have them check the trans and motor mounts will they are working on it