Q: engine shake at low speed after driving highway speed on 2007 Ford F-150

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After driving at highway speed and coming to a red light, stop and go traffic or any slower speed action. Engine will shutter and shake like it's not getting enough air or fuel, rpm stays the same and if you shift to neutral and rev engine it's good until you slow down again. After it sits for awhile when you start it up, it runs fine for the first few minutes then starts shaking at low speed or stop. Had no dash lights come on until the last time I drove it, die at a red light and the emissions light came on.
(2) Answers
First, open the hood, if you are familiar at all with engines, and look around a bit. See any vacuum hoses unhooked? Start the engine and listen for any vacuum leaks. Just look around some, don't start working on it just look, you may spot the problem, can't hurt.
If nothing seems out of place, have it scanned for trouble codes.
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