Q: engine revving up on 1992 Mitsubishi Diamante

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do you check the engine trouble codes with a pin or paperclip like the obd1 system like a gm vehicle? if so, which pins in the connector do you use? i also have a PWR light coming on now. any ideas on this?
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I'm glad you got some good answers. Have you tried any of the online repair manual solutions? You have to pay, but they may have the detail you're looking for:
I would like to thank you for your time and helpful answers. My daughter bought this car without me checking it out first. It seems solid mechanically,but it has electrical problems. Been having trouble finding a repair manual. Seems these cars had alot of problems from the factory (electronics,brakes,trans,etc.). So, thanks again! Have a good one.
The "PWR" light is a mode that the car is in. There is a button on the center console that says "A/T MODE". If you push it, you'll see that there are two modes...ECO (Economy) and PWR (Power). I know this is old, but it's for future surfers.