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Q: Engine revved 3 times on its own while parked on "P" 3 loud revves on 2000 BMW 328i

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I turned engine on and it just revved 3times as if someone had stepped on the gas and gave it a lot of gas. I turned it off immediately and haven't moved it since. Thank God it was on "P" parked otherwise it would have gone through the garage wall.

What could this be? Please help. I don't want to move it now afraid that it will do this while driving. By the way the gas pedal was not stuck, I hadn't even stepped on the gas pedal.

This is the first time this happens.

Is there anything on the drivers floorboard besides the correctly installed FACTORY floor mat? ANNYTHING!!?
Nothing at all, in fact no floor mat. I know this is strange right? Especially because it was a clear 3 hard loud revves as if someone had stepped on the gas to "gun it" and that's the scary part that if it would have been in "D" it probably would have gone forward straight into the garage wall. Well I hope someone can give me some feedback as to what it might be... Thanks
In my 40+ years of working on ALL makes & models, this has happened several different times to several different people on several different makes! It has ALWAYS been either pedal misapplication, or some foreign object pushing on the accelerator pedal. IF a mechanical problem does exist on your car and it is found, please post the findings for others to benefit. I wish i could help solve this mystery but i can't!
Thanks and good luck!
Yeah well nothing is there not even a floor mat, so that eliminates the foreign object possibility...I can understand if I would have been driving it and the accelerator getting stuck, but that wasn't the case...the car was parked. All I did was turn the car on while it was on "P" then it revved 3 times. well thanks I will post the results if it is ever found but at this point I think I will just get rid of the car?
I can't say i blame you, since you are convinced there is a problem, you will not feel comfortable driving it. Again i wish i could be more helpful. Maybe another tech. can!
Thank you for trying guys :) Could it be transmission or something to do with RPM's? (whatever that is)
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