Q: Engine replacement/repair timing belt? on 2000 Volvo S80

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Daughter's car volvo s80 will not start---engine coolant light was on and then while in reverse made a loud noise. Mechanic came to check it and said the timing belt was off---and then said the engine was 'blown'. We live on an island and don't know how bad it really is or how to check before getting it towed and ferried off the island for repairs. Any advice appreciated.Is it worth fixing? 147,000 miles .Thank you.
(1) Answer
If the timing belt broke, you're looking at an expensive repair. When the timing belt breaks, the internal engine parts will contact each other and need to be replaced. In more clear terms, the piston hit's the valves, bending the valves and in rare cases, the piston can be damaged.
The cylinder head will need to be removed and inspected, then fixed. This can run $3-$4000, so it's probably not worth fixing IMHO.