Q: Engine replacement on 1995 Toyota Camry

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I have a 1995 toyota camry that needs a lot of work done on the engine. I believe it needs a headgasket replacement, timing belt and everything that goes with that, it has a couple of oil leaks, and it's just...high mileage, 197k. If I were to purchase a low mileage replacement engine in good repair, what kind of cost could I expect from an independent shop to have the engines swapped? Basically I'm trying to see if it would be cheaper to just replace my current engine with a used one (JDM or something similar). So...if you guys could give me an estimate for the labor cost of an engine replacement, it would be much appreciated.
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It will be about 10-12 hours of labor. The problem is, you will not get any warranty from the shop with the installation of a used engine, regardless of mileage. A scrap yard may give you only a replacement warranty, and nothing more. Meaning they will give you another engine if the first one fails, but will give you nothing toward the labor costs. They may also not give you any warranty at all. Your looking at at least $800.00 in labor, so be careful with your choice.
The difference between the 2 should be around 500 to 600 if i where to do the heads in my shop it would cost about 1600 if we replace the motor any where from 2200.00 more or less depending on the mileage i would consider purchasing another vehicle!