Q: Engine rattle in reverse and parking brake doesnt work. Replaced engine mounts.. on 1997 Ford Escort

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Every time I put the car in reverse the engine rattles and vibrates loudly, the brake light started coming on as well. Replaced three lower engine mounts and still does this. The rattle only happens in reverse and the emergency brake no longer works either.
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Yes all three of them, the only one we didn't replace was the upper engine mount. This all started about the same time the brake light came on but the mounts seemed to be a more reasonable solution. It has not solved the issue. As soon as the car is placed inreverse the engine rattles and it is quite loud. It's fine in park and driving it. Could the brakes be bad or the parking break be causing this since the brake light is on? Than you.
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have car lifted and while car is in the air support motor and put in reverse and see if vibration goes away
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