Q: Engine quits in car wash on 1995 Mercedes-Benz C220

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Car drives fine. No problems, except engine quits when going through a car wash.
I'm afraid to drive in in the rain. No, moving to the desert is not an option.
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So hard to comment on what the problem may be without being able to do basic diagnostic tests. Where insulated gloves, with the engine running wiggle harnesses and see if any of the wiggling of harnesses causes the engine to run different or stall if so concentrate on those harnesses for bad connections. Check connections are clean tight and secure. Get a bottle of Windex or any spray bottle fill it with water and with the engine running mist water over the ignition system one component at a time, if the insulation is good it should not affect the way the engine runs. If you spray water on an ignition coil or spark plug wire and the engine stalls or you see the spark jump to ground you have found the problem.